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Karliah: We must be very quiet, the Falmer may not be able to see us, but they CAN hear us.
Me: *supa sneak quiet as a templemouse*
Brynjolf: LASS. *hits every bone alarm* *steps on every pressure plate* *awakens the Centurion*
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Dragon Age + Name Meanings

Part I

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I’m not a huge fan of requests due to personal reasons, but you guys are so nice to me that I decided draw some suggested fusions in between commissions. There where so many that I simply couldn’t draw all of them so I’m sorry for that! Also, Flaremonchan is secrectly a super saiyan.

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We are demonstrating aggressive aggression

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when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors


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A wonderful meeting, or a beautiful thing can exist. We depict hatred, but it is to depict that there are more important things. We depict a curse, to depict the joy of liberation. What we should depict is, how the boy understands the girl, and the process in which the girl opens her heart to the boy. At the end, the girl will say to the boy, ‘I love you, Ashitaka. But I cannot forgive humans.’ Smiling, the boy should say, ‘That is fine. Live with me.’”  ( — Hayao Miyazaki)

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Slam fucking dunked

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